Our Approach to Fintech PR

The fintech industry is moving at breakneck speed. Start-ups and incumbent financial institutions are giving consumers and small businesses access to an ever-expanding set of choices for funding, credit scoring, payments and connected services.

Each of these new offerings is built atop the promise of simplicity. Yet, complexity looms in the background. Whether driven by AI-powered credit analysis, the need for regulatory compliance or adherence to new privacy rules, telling an innovation story in fintech demands experience and expertise.

The Actual Team brings over a decade of experience in fintech, banking and financial services working with leading financial brands such as Cross River, Fundbox, Intuit and PayPal. We know the landscape. We know how to tell your story to media, influencers, decision-makers and consumers. We know fintech PR.

We’re Experts Across the Financial Services Ecosystem

  • Alternative Finance & Investment
  • Digital Payments 
  • Marketplace Lending
  • Bank-As-A-Service
  • Small Business Financing
  • Business and Consumer Credit
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Digital Literacy
  • Policy & Regulation
  • Open Banking
  • RegTech, AML/KYC/Digital Identities

Our Fintech PR Services

  • Corporate Positioning
  • Thought Leadership
  • Creative Storytelling
  • Media Relations
  • Executive Visibility
  • Content Marketing
  • Customer Reference Program
  • Business Social Capabilities
  • Social Amplification
  • B2B Influencer Marketing
  • Tradeshow and Event Support
  • Measurement and Analytics

Our Results


Are You Changing The Game In Financial Services?

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